Most of network failure and quality of service degradation are not due to malfunction or poor performance of core network equipment themselves; they result of poor environment and absence of appropriate support infrastructure. At TRES, we provide whatever is required to develop and deploy BTS infrastructure supporting seamless transmission and propagation of data without inducing any loss of bit. Main provided infrastructure include Antenna support structure like towers and polemounts, as well as power equipment and data centers

Greenfield Site

The key infrastrucure of a greenfield site is a lattice steel tower, mainly built to extend network coverage in remote areas. At TRES, greenfield sites we propose are customized to meet customer needs, especially present and future utilization, and comply with topographic and soil conditions.

Rooftop Site

Rooftops of tall buildings allow deployment of quick sites in urban area. At TRES, when we design and build a rooftop site, we put emphasis on aethetic and municipal requirements.

Camouflage Site

The essence of Camouflage site is to ressemble the environment in which it is deployed. At TRES, we ensure that materials used to build a camouflage site don't impede propagation of electromagnetic signal. Common camouflage sites we propose include tree towers and wallmount structures.

Smart Site

We termed "smart," a special category of camouflage site that is designed to ressemble and serve the same purpose as an existing structure. A common smart site we deploy is simultaneously used as street light pole or advertizing pole. We deploy a plug and play site, complete with antenna and RF system, ready to receive telco's transceivers equipment.


70% of mobile users are inside buildings. With continual urbanization of cities, radio signals get more and more weakened as they travel from outdoor towers towards offices and shopping malls. It is practically impossible to get radio signal reach users in underground parking and metros.

In Building Solution (IBS) using Distributed Antenna System was designed to solve this challenge; and at TRES, we developed competences and acquired tools to design, deploy and test IBS-DAS solutions. Our IBS is designed to consider existing technologies, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as future 5G deployments.