In this fast-changing technological era, Telcos focus more and more on customer experience and development of customizable solutions. They continually consider outsourcing operation and maintenance of their network to third companies. At TRES, we have developed an integrated network management system that takes care of operation and maintenance of telecom network, leaving the Telco a room to focus more on its core business activities. For easying the tracking of network infrastructure and manage performance of network activities, we have developped a web and mobile application which links content of stock, activities by field installer and infrastructure of the site. Thanks to this tool, the lifetime of each equipment can be traced forward or backward between the time it arrives in stock and the moment it is discharged from the system. This tool allows easy calculation of monetary value of each site, since it integrates depreciation of each site asset. It also helps management to monitor performance of field teams and provides valuable inputs to the company rewarding system.