On this World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, 17th May, 2016,TRES, a Rwandese SME offering BTS sites services to Telecom, is celebrating one year preparing young graduates from fields of telecommunication, electrical engineering and information technology,to become competitive enough for serving the ICT industry. Beside delivering courses to young graduates,TRES has been offering services of BTS sites to multinational companies operating in Rwanda, such as MTN, TIGO, Olleh Rwanda Network, IHS, etc.

Avatar Managing Director of TRES, Mr. Venuste TWAGIRAMUNGU

Mr Venuste, Said that “The initiative to start this centre came from a contrasting observation that, on one side the country is full of unemployed graduates, while on the other hand the telecom industry is still lacking competent workforce. Today we remain with a group of about 30 young ladies and gentlemen, some with employment, some others without job yet, but all committed to become good engineers and serve this telecom industry.” He added that “we go through individual learning, where each student reads prepared learning materials at his own pace. This technique includes milestones, where the student is checked out by the supervisor to verify if drills and exercises have been completed successively. During checkout, if the student is unable to demonstrate fully understanding, he is required to restart from earlier checkout. With this method it is impossible to cram for exam. Either you understand and you keep studying, or you don’t understand and restart studying, or eventually give up.”

Avatar One of the graduates who benefited of growth from TRES Learning center,Ernest NIZEYIMANA

Ernest, said that “I have known TRES one month before completing my university studies in the University of Rwanda, college of science and technology in the faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I asked to start a training in TRES, after passing Tests including IQ (Intellectual Quotient), PPA and so on…. I started a training, and now I am completing one year with TRES. After getting a strong learning packages from TRES, I discovered that the gap between the knowledge I got at university and the competence needed by labor market has considerably reduced. Within a year, I have not only learnt about BTS Sites Build, but also learnt behaviors for a professional engineer like me. I also learnt the contribution of integrity in business … Briefly, thanks to TRES, I’m proud of who I am, I am an open minded person, ready to handle any challenge on workplace”

Guests were students and Staff from different Universities and colleges

From left to right, Lambert NTAGWABIRA from Ministry of Youth & ICT, Venuste TWAGIRAMUNGU TRES MD,Professor NIYOMUGABO Cyprien TRES Partner, following speech contestants.

Avatar TAHINDUKA Joshua, president of 1RWANDA Toastmasters Club was the MC

The ceremony started in the evening and took place at Gorilla Golf Hotel in Nyarutarama, with guests from local universities and schools, telecommunication operators, Private Sector members and governmental representatives.

Avatar Lambert NTAGWABIRA, Senior Technologist in charge of ICT Skills Development in Ministry of Youth and ICT.

Those who were present benefited of a live demonstration of RF Antenna system performance testing with one of the most sophisticated RF tools, Anritsu PIM Master MW82119B, by a team of young ladies and gentlemen who acquired these skills at TRES Learning Centre.

Practicals Emmanuel TWIZEYIMANA explaining RF antenna system testing with PIM Master.

From Left to Right, Alex NTALE Executive Director of PSF ICT Chamber (panel moderator), Venuste TWAGIRAMUNGU TRES MD, Emma Marie NDORINGOMA a young lady telecom engineer and entrepreneur, and Eng Papias KAZAWADI, entrepreneur and MD of Star Construction

The discussion was insightful and the audience was given chance to ask questions and it was really meaningful contribution especially to the young generation who was inspired.

One of competences acquired at TRES Learning Center include improving communication and leadership skills through Toastmasters techniques. Toastmasters is an international organization that aims to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.During the ceremony, a speech contest was organized between five members where they were required to talk about what they learnt using Toastmasters tools.

The ceremony was beautified by a discussion panel, whose topic was “ICT Entrepreneurship for Social impact and TRES Learning Center”. The panel was animated by three Rwandese engineers who undertook the entrepreneurship journey. They provided some insightful advices to present students and encouraged them to not being fearful to develop ideas into enterprises.

Each contest judges, all members of 1Rwanda Toastmasters.

Avatar Benjamin HAKIZIMANA, Contestant winner. His speech was “Multifarious Engineers made in Rwanda”

He was awarded a 4G modem with 3 months internet, plus a return RwandAir ticket to Nairobi for participating in Toastmasters regional speech contest.

Avatar Leonard MBONIMPA, with a speech entitled “We are the Change”,

Was the second winner. He was awarded a 4G modem with 3 months internet.Toastmasters was one of the discoveries of the evening. One contestant, Leonard MBONIMPA said that “at the beginning, I didn’t real understand what toastmasters means, and to stand in front of people and speak was a serious issue. Again as a technician, public speaking was not considered as a needed subject; but when you look on the competitiveness needed on the labor market, it is a very important tool for all of us. Here at Toastmasters, every one learns from the mistakes in the so-called “speaking laboratory”. We don’t fear because we benefit of supportive feedbacks from colleagues. We actually see deep transformation in daily life.”

Lambert NTAGWABIRA, the guest of honor who represented the minister of Youth and ICT, commended TRES for it’s own unique idea and promises his ministry’s support.The Executive Director of PSF ICT Chamber, Alex NTALE, emphasized innovation of TRES’s idea and granted the five contestants access to Fab Lab, where they were challenged to design and produce antennas, beyond testing them!