Venuste TWAGIRAMUNGU Managing director, Trust Engineering Solutions Ltd

In my last message about Covid-19, I stressed 3 recommendations:

1.Remaining calm and work harder, despite abundant apocalyptic message and false data;

2.Choosing Opportunity instead Danger, the two characters of Chinese pictograph “Crisis”;

3.Strictly adhering to safety measures recommended by competent authorities while preparing for the after-crisis.

While the crisis is not yet over, the world has made some progress to combat the virus aggressiveness and we are getting accustomed to live with. TRES family hasn’t succumbed. Instead, we can proudly brag about the following realisations obtained during this troublesome period:

1.We applied for and obtained a 15 years license to operate as a tower company;

2.Our software team completed the BTS App ®, and got it registered as IP in RDB;

3.Within the 1st year as tower company we constructed up to 25 sites.

Covid-19 is still making casualties but we have decided to see the Opportunity in the Danger and keep progressing. 2022 must be a year of more production with many more towers and deployment of the BTS App to lessen operational hassles of our customers. Turbo engine is required more than before.

Compliance to safety requirements, as underlined in our Contingency Plan, must have no single exception. As far as possible, let’s work from home. Let’s get teams on field respect all safety measures as published and updated by competent authorities.

Let’s THRIVE despite all.