Venuste TWAGIRAMUNGU Managing director, Trust Engineering Solutions Ltd

As you are all aware, the world is facing coronavirus pandemic.While a number of apocalyptic messages, fake news and false data are abundant about this crisis, I urge all of you to remain calm. Don’t panic. Only consider what is officially communicated by competent authorities, especially our government and our customers through approved channels.

The after-crisis life won’t certainly be the same. But within everyone’s control lies a power to choose how to handle the after Corona. The Chinese pictogram for “Crisis” contains two symbols: one representing “Danger” and the other “Opportunity” The choice is yours… Danger or Opportunity?

During this period, physical activities are reduced. Movements very limited. This is an opportunity to raise your mental activities to the highest levels. Consider areas for improvement, work on identified Non Conformities, revisit your work procedures and MoP, cross check your project documentation, get in ethics, review your product statistics, etc. Brief be prepared for the after crisis. Without a turbo engine, you will be lost. And at TRES we envision to be ahead with the most powerful turbo engine. If you want to stay with us, prepare your engine and equip it with a turbo.

During this period I remind our OHS coordinator to ensure full compliance at TRES workplace as underlined in our Contingency Plan.

Should the work resume, all projects managers and team leaders are required to fully comply with existing OHS procedures, different guidelines shared by our customers, mainly IHS, Ericsson, Huawei, KtRN and MTN.

Let’s take care of ourselves, and each other. STAY HOME and REMAIN SAFE