At TRES, it became a culture to carry out an act of commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Last year as TRES Company together with TRES Toastmasters Club, we visited  the Kigali Genocide memorial and paid  tribute to the 1994 genocide against Tutsi victims, It was a great thing. This year we visited AVEGA (Association des Veuves du Genocide) Located in Kimironko. Men and women from the groups mentioned above came together early morning to refurbish a house of one of the selected lady from AVEGA, whose name is Anastasie USABYIMBABAZI.



In line with the theme of this year “Kwibuka twiyubaka” we chose to do this as playing our part to commemorate our own people and at the same time contribute to our growth.

After that the group participated in Umuganda meeting where Leonard MBONIMPA who was leading the group shared a speech and he said:

“We are here to commemorate our beloved ones who lost their life in 1994 genocide against Tutsi and at the same time we thought about what we can do together, ni ukwibuka twiyubaka. That is how we came up with this great idea,  at least now the house of Anastasie looks better and stronger”


When we visited Anastasie to help in refurbishing door and windows of her house, we expected some sorrow or grief. But the energy and hope exhibited by this survivor widow of genocide against Tutsi is a firm sign of the renewal process the country has been undergoing since 1994.

Venuste TWAGIRAMUNGUManaging Director, TRES

I don’t have a way to thank you for what you did, I just wish God to bless you abundantly and keep your good heart.

Anastasie USABYIMBABAZI1994 Genocide survivor
Benjamin NABAANA

Spending some quality time giving a hand to those in need fulfills my heart. Remember – Unit – Renew, give a hand.

Benjamin NABAANATRES Toastmasters Club’ President