TRES – 2019 Annual retreat

The TRES annual retreat has become a culture, but this year it was special to have one of its kind.

TRES has left no stone unturned in terms of human well-being. In the morning, men and woman got up early to jog for 18 km in the surrounding mountains of Lake Muhazi. Here is what made this day unique and memorable for all the attendees;

Volley ball match

Works VS Admin: Department in a very tight game, where Department of Works won with 3-2 of Admin Set,

The match was very hot, nice and zealous to win on both sides.

Team work games

Participants enjoyed playing different games and sharing lessons from them, Those lessons are collaboration, communication and leadership.

Gathering and rewarding

The Managing Director of TRES began by thanking the participants for their efforts to make the company a success and mentioned that in life there were 3 types of children; those who are proactive, obedient and lazy and ask everyone to evaluate themselves and improve if necessary. He also mentioned the rewarding culture that is expected to start in the company, but he was impatient, but instead prepared something for someone special”

Leonard MBONIMPA was named special employee of 2018, and he received a grand prize equivalent to one million Rwandan francs.

Pictures of the day